Net-Zero Solutions

Net-Zero Solutions


Conserve! — The easiest emission to avoid is the one we have not emitted yet. Use less.

Efficiency! — The cheapest most cost-efficient savings come from eliminating waste. Waste less.


Photovoltaic Solar Panels — Photovoltaic Solar Panels convert sunlight directly into electricity.

Concentrated Solar Power — Collection of mirrors or lenses focus sunlight on a receiver which can store the heat energy (ex: molten salt) or drive a heat engine to produce electricity.

Solar Cooker — Small scale application of concentrated solar panel. Usually a curved reflector which concentrates the solar energy on a small area, appropriate for cooking a meal.


Wind turbines — These are run-0f-the-river generators constructed to work with air rather than water. There is a wide range of sizes — from tiny egg-beaters to 120 foot giants.


Run-of-the-river Generators — Turbines submerged in a strong current. They work by the same principles as a hydroelectric dam, without the dam.

Tidal Power — These are run-of-the-river turbines which operate on the regular and dependable rising and falling of the tides.

Hydroelectric Dams — Traditional hydroelectric systems combine a dam, a reservoir, and a turbine to convert the potential energy of falling water to turn the blades of a generator to produce electricity.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen Fuel Cells — These cells combine hydrogen with oxygen to produce electricity and water.