Our Mission

Our Mission

We want everyone to understand the catastrophic consequences of inaction, the vast scale of the task before us, how long it will take, and the short amount of time left before it becomes too late.

We will be successful when 80% of the voting population understands that we must stop producing all fossil-fuel-burning vehicles, furnaces, stoves, ovens, water heaters, lawnmowers, leaf-blowers, snow-blowers, power-plants immediately, and begin immediately replacing every existing fossil-fuel-burning device with a zero-emission device at a rate to replace them all before 2030.

We will restrict ourselves exclusively to verifiable facts and strictly scrutinized evidence-based projections. We will deliver in-person presentations at public venues: libraries, community colleges, farmers’ markets, art fairs, public parks, street corners. We will hold rallies and teach-ins in high-traffic public spaces.

We will recruit collaborators, allies and mentor volunteers at every opportunity. We will collaborate with any and all environmental organizations. We will support and encourage all of their actions, but we will remain focused on ringing the alarm bell until everyone hears it.

We will provide resources and training to teach the teachers, so they can carry the message to their own friends, families, neighbors and communities.

People, not money. Most environmental organizations focus on influencing government by influencing office-holders and candidates. That battlefield is measured in campaign contributions and media ad-buys to the tune of billions of dollars. We cannot compete on that battlefield. We choose a different battlefield. We focus on the electorate: the voters.

In-person, not media ad-buys. Media ad-buys are expensive to produce and even more expensive to run. That money funds our opponents.

In-person, not on-line. Social media platforms are built with algorithms that create selfreinforcing feedback loops that drive people into impenetrable echo-chambers of confirmation bias. An in-person rally at a high traffic location cannot be automatically avoided by an algorithm.